So… your ads aren’t working. Sucks to be you.
Haha, just kidding. But in all seriousness, “My ads aren’t working” is probably one of the most common complaints I hear from entrepreneurs and marketers alike who are trying to grow their presence, impact, and bank account with Facebook Ads.

Many people think there’s literally NO REASON their ads aren’t working. When I ask them to explain, they just throw their hands up in the air in the “I give up” motion and stare at me blankly. “What do you MEAN how are they not working?! They just AREN’T!”

I get it. I mean. No, I don’t get it, because I can’t help someone who can’t explain to me what really isn’t working. And that’s because there is never ONE solution to a HUGE problem. That’s like saying “I can’t lose weight” and not providing any context – what you’ve tried, what you haven’t tried, how long you’ve been trying, which diets, which fitness regimes, etc etc.
Does that make sense? And just as much as weight loss is a science and an art, so are Facebook Ads. Even if they seem just “science” at the first glance.
So your Facebook Ads aren’t working…. now what?

I’m just gonna lay out a whole bunch of scenarios and provide some possible solutions. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list as every client, every campaign, every ad is unique and I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. But hopefully this will get you started thinking in the right direction.
Click on the issue you’re having and possible reasons will pop out under each, accordion style, so that I don’t bombard you with reasons to things you don’t care about. 🙂 I know, I’m so kind. Hahaha!
Q: I’m not getting any sign ups with my Facebook ads
If you began running ads and despite having spent a good chunk of change, you are still not seeing even a SINGLE sign up in the Ad Manager, here’s what’s likely going on:
1. Your pixel isn’t set up properly

2. Your landing page tech side isn’t set up properly

3. Your landing page sucks
4. Your ads suck
5. The wrong people are seeing your ads
6. Your offer is crap
7. You aren’t optimizing your ad for website conversions
Q: Facebook says I had more conversions than I actually did
This one has been happening fairly often lately for my clients. When you check the Ad Manager, you’re shocked to see you’ve gotten sooo many conversions! And they’re all converting so well and for so cheap! You jump for joy only to be brought right back down to earth when you check your email system and the numbers don’t match up…. not even close! What’s the deal?
1. Your pixel isn’t set up properly
2. People are landing on the Thank You page more than once
3. People are going further through the funnel and being tracked by the next pixels in the path
Q: My cost per conversion is too high
Sometimes you’re running your ads and no matter what you try, you are spending SO much per conversion, you’re getting frustrated! How can you lower that darn conversion cost?! Here’s what might be the culprit of the high conversion costs:
1. Your landing page sucks
2. Your ads are not grabbing enough people’s attention

3. The wrong people are seeing your ads
4. Your offer is crap
5. Your cost per conversion is actually not high at all…

Q: I’m not getting any clicks on my ads

1. Your ad creative (image) is not eye-grabbing enough
2. Your ad copy doesn’t intrigue/excite the person enough
3. Your ads are being shown to the wrong audiences
4. Your ad targeting is too broad
5. You aren’t using the right ad to get the clicks
Q: I’m not getting any engagement on my ads
1. You’re tracking the wrong thing
2. Your post is boring
3. Your post doesn’t include any visuals
Q: I’m not getting any sales from my ads
1. Your pixel isn’t set up properly
2. You are getting your sales page ads in front a wrong audience
3. You don’t have a solid strategy for getting sales from your ads
4. You ARE getting sales from your ads
Q: I’m not getting any ROI from my ad campaigns

1. You ARE getting an ROI from your ads campaigns after all
2. You aren’t getting the RIGHT TYPE of perfect people in front of the ads
Q: I’m getting hateful messages on my ads
1. You suck at life…. hah, just kidding <3
2. You’re a thought leader and you’re striking a nerve
3. You’re being rude / racist / sexist / negative / offensive / etc
Q: My ads are getting disapproved
1. You’re in violation of Facebook’s creative advertising terms and policies
2. Your business is in one of the banned industries by Facebook
3. Your ads are being disapproved for no reason
Q: I don’t know who to target with my ads
1. Do some research on your own first
2. Find other interests via Audience Insights tool
3. Create lookalike audiences
Q: My account was shut down!
1. You did something against Facebook’s rules 🙁

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