The year is coming to an end so what more perfect time to improve your social media strategy for the upcoming year!? As social media is always changing, a new and improved social media strategy is crucial if you want it to be successful. If you want to see more engagement on posts, more followers, more leads, and other benefits from social media then you NEED to update your social media in 2017. Check out these tips from our internet marketing company if your ready to take control of the new year with an updated social media strategy!

Focus on Content

When it comes to content, there are a lot of important factors companies need to consider. What type of content? How often to post content? When to post content? These are all important questions to consider when revamping your social media strategy in 2017. The best type of content to begin to incorporate into your social media in 2017 is video. Everyday, the amount of videos shared on Facebook continuous to increase. More and more people are watching more seconds of video each day. Video will account for 80% of internet traffic by 2019, so to not take advantage of this would be a mistake.

Not only should you begin to incorporate more video into your strategy, but you should also create a plan. Include things in your plan like what time of day you’re going to post and how often. Because of Facebook’s algorithm, you should focus on quality over quantity. So instead of posting a ton of very average content, it’s better to post less but with amazing content. This will get you more likes, comments, and shares and help boost your post to the top of people’s News Feeds. The social media world is getting more and more competitive, so keep that in mind when considering what content you want to post!

Update Your Social Media in 2017 with Me By Your Side

The last thing you can do to update your social media in 2017 is to hire ME! I promise you’re sure to see the results from your social media that you would like too!

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