First Impressions Matter

You know how they say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression? That sentiment is also true for websites.

Visitors decide very quickly whether or not to stay on your site. Therefore, you want to make sure your first impression is as positive and clear as possible. Whoever comes to your site should quickly be able to figure out what it is about and what they can do there. Otherwise, your visitors are out of there quicker than you can google “high bounce rate effect on search rankings” (hint: it’s not a good one).

Plus, once visitors have formed an unfavorable opinion of your site, they are less likely to return.

Quality Web Design Builds Trust

How quickly do visitors form a first impression from your design? Well before they get to the first line of content. That means they have already made a decision about whether or not they can trust your information before they have read it. I know, crazy right?

However, it only underscores the importance of proper web design, especially in industries like health and medicine where trust matters most. It also extends to other business areas as well. So, if you want your visitors to stick around, make sure the face you turn to them is a trustworthy one.

Web Design Provides Guidance

Most of us run websites not merely to show off or for the heck of it but because we have a goal in mind. It may be getting people to join on our email list, buy our product or something else.

This is another area where web design plays an instrumental role because it provides guidance. Good design will move visitors along to the desired destination, bad design will leave them clueless as to what they are supposed to do on your site.

Web Design = Aesthetics + Usability

Web design is not just about how your site looks but also about how users interact with it. In fact, it influences everything else.

Take loading speed and search engine optimization for example. If your site is filled with large images and needs to load five custom fonts in order to render, it will be considerably slower. Not only does this have an impact on your visitor bounce rate but it will influence your site’s search rankings.

Because of that, web design lies at the basis of the overall success (or lack thereof) of any WordPress website. That’s why the next part of this article deals with how you can make sure it does a good job.

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